5 Major Causes of DANDRUFF in the Head

It is common hair fall and dandruff in the changing season, in the new lifestyles, the problem of Dandruff is seen in the heads of 80 percent of people.Specially in winter season dandruff increases, let’s know what is cause of dandruff .

Use of hot water in winter

Dandruff has a lot of influence in the head in winter. Due to bathing in hot water in the winter, the skin of the head becomes more lethargic, due to which dandruff has more effect in the head. Apart from this, due to putting scarves and caps in the head in winter, the head does not get enough air, which increases the dandruff in the head.

Excessive use of hard shampoo

The use of hard shampoo also causes the problem of Russian in hair. Changing shampoo everyday and using chemical-based shampoos affects the skin of the head, resulting in the form of dandruff. There are many types of shampoos present in the market, so people troubled by Dendrh have to believe in mild and herbal shampoo.

Oily hair

With oil in the head, the skin of the head becomes sticky, so that the dirt gets stored in the hair and this dirt only tells the dandruff. Due to this mess, the hair starts to break even further, due to the lack of proper diet, hair becomes oil, due to which there is a problem of Russian in the head. Due to excessive roasting, the oil comes in the hair of the head, causing the cause of the Russian.

Thyroid problem

Those who have thyroid problems, they have to face more of Dandruff. In the thyroid, the skin of the head becomes rigid and the hair starts falling and falls. The Russian is quickly attacked on the skin of the head. Most people suffering from thyroid will see two fours with this problem.

Rainy season

n the rainy season, the risk of dandruff increases in the head. Because wet hair keeps moisture during this period and during this time the water of rain water increases stickiness due to its head. This stickiness increases the risk of dandruff and becomes dandruff in the head. Rain water is also threatened by germs, which do not only cause dendrof but also increase the risk of developing diseases.

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