know how? Alcohol is cause of cancer

It is not a new thing that alcohol consumption spoils the liver. But fewer people realize that it can take the form of cancer too!

Cigarette and Tobacco packets have pictures of mouth cancer so that the buyer gets a warning. Although it has not been so far with alcohol!

Research shows that with the mouth of people who consume alcohol every day, there is more chance of cancer in the neck than other people!

It would not be wrong to say that where alcohol goes in the body, where it is damaged, especially if it contains a lot of alcohol content. Doctors recommend drinking only one glass of wine every day!

If you drink cigarettes along with alcohol, you also eat meat and your weight is also high, so you have more risk of this kind of cancer!

Men are more at risk of this kind of cancer than women. If there is bleeding in the urine, then do a medical examination.

Excessive exercise, obesity and excessive consumption of alcohol can cause breast cancer. Women are more at risk, but it is not that men do not!

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