10 Features Men Pay Attention Before They Propose

There is a stereotype that a man appreciates only a woman’s nice appearance, magnificent body, and obedience. But if a man wants to have a long-term relationship, he notices absolutely different qualities.


This trait is one of the most important for stable relationships: no one wants to feel awkward because of their partner’s silliness. Men who say women need not be intelligent cheat.

Sense of humor

If you can get a joke and say something funny, you’re probably a capable and strong person. In addition, it’s always a pleasure to be around fun people.


We can spend ages discussing whether people are monogamous or not. But let’s admit that no one wants to be cheated on. A man wants to find a girl that will spend all her life with him. And emotional wounds never heal.


Self-confidence usually plays a more important role than a person’s appearance. If a woman feels stunning, everyone thinks the same.


No one likes people who wish bad things upon others. But a person who always does something good shines from the inside out and attracts people.


Some people think that this trait is burdensome and disturbing. But if a woman’s ready to sympathize, she becomes more heartfelt: her beloved feels that she will always support him.

Readiness to listen

Men don’t open themselves up too often. But when they do, they highly appreciate a woman who can listen to them and give advice.


Of course, every man wants to protect his beloved and take care of her. But dependence and an inability to make simple decisions are natural only for kids. And a man doesn’t want to be a woman’s personal babysitter.


Everyone is fed up with the drama queen image. Men get bored with the hypocrisy and affectation. By the way, is it easy to wear a queen’s mask permanently?


No one can read someone else’s mind. That’s why it’s better to speak about your desires and dissatisfaction immediately. It helps to avoid further conflicts and psychological traumas.

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