2 things you do wrong everyday, know about them

We are telling you about 2 such things that you do every day wrong but you will never even have thought about them. Because our habit has been made to do the same. Let’s know what these 2 things are.


As soon as we wake up in the morning, we first do toothbrush. All people want toothpaste and finish it quickly.
According to the dentist, toothpaste takes 2 minutes to work properly. But many surveys show that people usually do toothpaste in less than 45 seconds. It does not work anymore. Because before throwing it out before you work properly you throw it out.
Do not retire toothpaste

– People do not retire until the toothpaste gets completely spoiled. Whereas, the standard expiry of a toothbrush is of 2 months. More than this, it should not be used.



In today’s times people use headphones or every other day headphones. But do not put it in the right way.
– While headphones should be erected in the ear as shown in the photo. Also, it should be used only by seeing headphone sign. Left in the left ear and Right in the right ear.
The reason behind this is that in view of any video, its sound system does in the left-right mode. The sound of the scene appearing in the video on the wrong placement of it could be more than the amount required. Due to which the ear is afraid of getting worse.

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