Household Tips to Remove Dark Circles

Cut raw potato pieces and let them fall under the eyes for 10-15 minutes and let them dry for some time. After that wash with cold water. By doing so daily, the dark circles will end in a few days because potatoes are a natural bleach. In addition to removing dark circles, potato reduces swelling near the eyes.

Some more typs

1.Cucumber also helps in removing black circles under the eyes. For this add a little lemon juice to the cucumber juice and put it under the eyes. Wash the eyes after half an hour. Repeat this method every day and then look amazing in a few days.
2.Almond oil also gets rid of dark circles. Take a little almond oil for this and massage it with a light hand around your eyes. After massage, leave the face like this and wake up the next morning and wash the face with clean water. Do this every day until the dark circle is over.
3.Cucumber is also considered to be good enough to remove the Dark Circle. The cucumbers have astringent properties and its juice is placed around the face or around the eyes, then it is of great benefit.
4.Tea bags can also help you get rid of the Dark Circle. For this, boil 2 t bags (can be green tea bag), boil in 1 cup water, and then cool it down and take out its water. Apply this mixture around the eyes for 15 minutes daily and let it dry. After that wash with cold water. By doing this, the Dark Circle will end in a few days.
5.Massaging the eyes around the eyes from the milk daily also ends the dark circles of the eyes. Soak the cotton spoon in the milk and keep it on the eyes and after some time massage the eyes around that foam. By doing so, dark circles will gradually decrease.
6.Mix a little curd in gram flour or corn flour and place it around the eyes and leave it for some time. Now slowly massage with light hands. Do this 3-4 times a week, dark circles will be reduced.
7.Gulab is also considered to be very helpful in finishing dark circles around the dark circle. Grate the rose leaves and mix them in some milk and place the mixture around the eyes. Doing so will relieve the dark circle.
8.Cut the lemon pieces and rub it around the eyes. Do this daily and then see how awesome the dark circle will be. Actually lemon contains vitamin C which helps to whiten the skin and remove blackness.
9.Nearing the eyes around the eyes, black circles are over. Allow the honey to stay around for some time around the eyes and then wash it with a light hand after a while.
10.Dark circles is also eliminated by putting the juice of aloe vera leaf under the eyes.

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