Signs of these five diseases know by ear

There are many parts of our body that signal to us before any illness is occurring. Ear Our body is a part that is associated with many body nerves. Due to this the ear also gives us signs before the diseases. If these are identified at the right time, then these diseases can be controlled. We are here to tell about the signs of such 5 diseases identified with ears.

1. Diabetes
If there is a problem of hearing less hearing in the ear, it can be a sign of diabetes. Due to the decrease of blood circulation in this condition, the supply of blood does not reach the ear properly.
2. Heart disease
Writing wrinkles or folds on the ear lobe of one or both ears may be a sign of heart disease. This happens because the nerves of the ears are attached to many nerves of the body. If obstructions arise in these nerves, wrinkles or folds in the ears begin to come up.
3. Oral Disease
If you have pain in your ear for a long time then it can be an indication of oral disease. If there is pain in the mouth, blisters, gums, then pain often occurs in the ears.
4. Kidney Disease
If the shape of your ear is deteriorating then this can be a sign of kidney disease.
5. Fungal Infection
Long-term itching in both ears can be a sign of fungal infections. It also causes severe pain in the ears.

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