Causes of dark circles under the eyes

Nowadays everyone is troubled by the Dark Circle problem, whether it is boys or girls or women and men. Why are the dark circles, what is their reason?
Dark Circles i.e. dark circles under the eyes are due to excessive stress and anxiety, due to watching more TVs, but there are many more reasons for this

The main causes of the Dark Circle

1.In many people, dark circles i.e. dark circles are genetic and they have no strong reason. It is definitely a bit difficult to finish such a dark circle, but these dark circles can be lighted through some domestic methods.

2.Many people are used to watching TV and mobile phones. Due to too much focus, dark circles become under the eyes.

3.There is a great reason for not being able to sleep completely and fatigue is also a dark circle. Generally, people sleep for 7-8 hours, but it is very rare in everyday running and due to the lack of sleep they become dark circles.

4.Due to excessive sunlight and working, there is a problem of pigmentation on the face and also dark circles under the eyes.

5.Smoking and alcohol consumption also cause dark circles under the eyes. Actually, whatever we eat and drink, we have a direct impact on our body.

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